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Sassy Sisters Swine

a Product of Beattie Family Farms

-   ABOUT US  -


Hi, We are Mattison and Mekenzie Beattie and we are two sassy sisters from Sumner, NE. A small town in the central part of the state. As the 6th generation on our family’s diversified farm we have develop a deep passion for the legacy our family has built and what they do every day. 

One of our largest entity’s on our farm is hog production. We run a wean to finish hog farm. We have been actively involved on the hog farm since the day we were born. Helping out with chores, taking care of pigs, and learning about all things pork is how we developed a passion for swine. We thought it would be a great opportunity to share our passion of pork with our community so they could have a excellent pork eating experience. 

That’s how we came up with Sassy Sisters Swine, a direct to consumer pork company where we will deliver right to your door. Starting in August of 2020, we started selling direct to consumer pork to our community. With the global pandemic, many were starting to worry about the meat supply and where they could find fresh, safe meat. We wanted to capitalize on this opportunity and we could not have asked for a better time to start our business. 

Please enjoy your pork from Sassy Sisters Swine. We would love to answer any questions you have or assist you in any way we can to ensure you have the best pork eating experience! 

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